To fulfill CSR, YESIANG is working on several projects in the fields of environment, society and internal management.
Currently, the following projects have been undertaken:



We have set up a research team to research and develop technologies about circular economy. We have led the industry in the field of environmental protection and renewable resources.

Cylinder Filter Recycling and Reuse

Over 99% of YESIANG's cylinder filter can be recycled and reused. We strictly control the process of installation, disassembly, unloading, packaging. We also strengthen the structure to extend the life of the filter. We only need to deal with the waste filter after use to reach the goal of environmental protection.

Application of Secondary Filtration Materials

We used to hire a Grade A waste removal company to handle the used filter material, and the volume of waste can reach 1,800 tons/year. To reduce the carbon footprints, we reuse the filter material for wastewater treatment, asphalt and construction substrates, and exhaust treatment in order to recycle waste resources.

Improve the Design of Stack Type Filter

The tradition design of 3-in-1 filter needs to pre-install the frame, and the weight of the filter reaches 28kg/group, which makes it difficult to replace, and if one of the filter materials fails, the whole filter has to be replaced.
The new design of stack type filter does not need to install the frame, and the weight is reduced to 3.5 kg/set, which makes it easy to install and replace them.

Regenerative Filter Material

With the special structure design and arrangement of adsorption material, we can obtain the highest efficiency and the filter material with acid and alkali resistance.