To contribute best efforts to the target of Circular Economy, YESIANG has set up a professional RD team to develop relevant technologies and equipment, and to lead the industry in environmental protection and renewable resources topics. Introduce the idea of Circular Economy into the product, let “resources, products, renewable resources” cycle, and minimize waste in entire system. Having been thinking about applying products and resources in the right place, solving problems fundamentally and reducing the contradiction with environmental impact. We follow the five concepts of Circular Economy and use the key elements of 7R to promote the Circular Economy model of the industry. The efficiency of resource use has been valued and we always try to create more value with less resources. The on-going items include.

  • Stacked Type Chemical Filter
    As past practice, the filters need to be installed with a frame and the overall weight will reach 28 kg/piece or more, which makes replacement difficult. Moreover, the entire filter set must be replaced if a piece of filter material fails.

  • Develop regenerative filter media
    Using new technology to find the right materials and arrangement methods, as well as adopting adsorption materials with special structure and arrangement to produce filter materials with the highest efficiency of effect of mass transfer, and acid and alkali resistant. With the special research and development of  regenerative desorption technology, it can be regenerated for more than 50 times and maintain the efficiency. The filtration efficiency is up to 99%, with the advantages of high efficiency and low energy consumption.

  • Filter Canister Recycling
    More than 99% of the filter canisters and screws can be reused. Controlling the operation of the chemical filter canister from the steps of installation, disassembly, unloading, packaging, and strengthening the structure of the cylinder, YESIANG only needs to dispose of waste to achieve the goal of reducing waste and improve efficiency.

  • Refurbished Filter Application
    To reduce the carbon footprint and improve the cycle efficiency, while trying to create the highest value of the product, convert it into resources through innovative recycling and upgrade recycling, and return to the cycle of another product. We have been thinking about the way of industrial symbiosis, linking different industries together, through the exchange and circulation of products, let the application of Cecycling Economy keep growth, and create a win-win cooperation system between economy and environment.