With over 35 years of experience in manufacturing chemical filters under the ESG and net zero carbon emission objectives, YESIANG Enterprise Co., Ltd has helped leading semiconductor manufacturers in advancing their cutting-edge processes to effectively improve product yields. In addition, we have also launched circular economy products and services. The plant will dispatch vehicles for processing to recycle after Low carbon filters are used. To reduce waste disposal costs for customers. Through exclusive regeneration technology, the lifetime of the chemical filters can be extended by more than two times. This approach minimizes waste, promotes industry collaboration, and establishes a sustainable supply chain.

There is only 3 days left for SEMICON TAIWAN 2023.
YeSiang will wait for your visit at booth #Q5352.
And we will hold a special activity to introduce our latest product.
Besides, our TechXPOT speech is at 11:00~11:20 on 9/7.
Come and see YeSiang’s new techs and ideas.
See you in 3 days.

Friendly notice: SEMICON use name-based epidemic prevention system this year, so don’t forget to bring your own mask when coming to the exhibition.